Colour or No Colour?

A timeless debate…
In traditional or Neo – Traditional style of tattooing it is possible to go for all black and grey or add colour. The colour of the tattoo can change the tattoo completely and therefore its important to have cohesive plan when you’re coming in to make sure you’re happy with your decision.

Visually colour in a traditional style tattoo is very striking. The colours used are normally primary colours, and therefore turn out to be vibrant and fun pieces to have. If you opt for your traditional tattoo to be in mainly black ink, it has more of a moody vibe. Either will turn out to look like a lovely tattoo but as usual, it’s down to your personal style and what catches your eye the most.

Colour works brilliantly in bigger sized tattoos. That’s usually why they look so good in traditional tattoos, because they are bigger, with thick lines that adds contrast. This is why if you’re set on colour, you have to think about the size. This is also why small line work tattoos do so well in black ink, as there’s not much to worry about because they are kept small and neat.

Overall, it all boils down to what you want to get from the tattoo, the style, how many pieces you want and how big you want to go! Just remember, tattoos should reflect what you like and what you feel best represents you, and you should only think about yourself when getting them done.

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