Which Artist should I choose?
Picking your artists is very important. We believe chemistry is really important between a client and their artist. It is always good to choose an artist that best reflects the style you like best. All of our artists are very active on instagram and always share recent tattoos and flash sheets, this may help you with design choices and the artist you resonate with best.


What tattoo style should I go for?
The fundamentals of tattoos is going for an art style you LOVE. Style is very specific to each person, so it’s not really a one size fits all. We have an array of styles here ranging from black work, line work, illustrative, traditional, hand poke; and the list goes on. But what it really comes down to, is what you like best. Once you choose your artist that bets suits you, your tattoo is generally done in their style, but it’s always a collaborative experience so you can have as much input as you wish.

Why Us?

We really try to stay true to our philosophy of an inclusive space for everyone, and feel we have created a safe and comfortable environment. Our artist will do everything they can to give you a better experience getting a tattoo you will always cherish.

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