Please come to your booking on time. Do not show up early or late


Please do not book a tattoo if you are pregnant, breast feeding, or under the age of 18


Please give a 48hr cancellation notice otherwise your deposit will be taken as a cancellation fee


Please come to your appointment alone unless previously discussed


Please wear a mask and cancel your appointment if you are experiencing covid like symptoms


If purchasing a voucher, please book an appointment within 3 months of purchase


If using Derma skin please try to leave it on for 3-5 days. After the derma has come off moisturise it twice a day using coconut oil or a non-scented moisturiser


If using cling film, remove bandage after 1-3 hours and wash gently with anti-bacterial soap


Please do not go swimming or take baths for at least a month after your tattoo.


Please protect your tattoo from the sun and start wearing sunscreen on the tattoo about 2 weeks after your appointment


Avoid products that contain alcohol, aloe vera, glycerin and cortisone on your tattoo


Avoid fake tan for two weeks and sun beds for a month


Never pick or scratch your tattoo as its healing


Always listen to your artist